How To Do 2 Point Turn

What is Two Point Turn?

Two-Point Turn:  When the road is too narrow to turn around, drivers can use a two-point turn to change direction.  This usually works best on quiet streets in the suburbs,  where driveways can help facilitate the maneuver.


If you can, try practicing this turn in a parking lot with cones first, before you try it on a road.  This will really help you get better at it, and you won’t have to worry about othere cars on the road.

car pulling over on the side of the do-2 point turn

How to do 2-Point Turn

Step 1

Pull over to the right side of the road.  Before pulling over, check your mirrors.  Activate your right signal.  Perform a right shoulder check, recheck your surroundings.  Once clear, slow down and pull over.  Align your car’s back bumper with the edge of the driveway, and then stop.

car backup into driveway- two point turn

Step 2

Turn the wheel all the way to right and shift into reverse.  Before backing up, perform a 360-degree vision check.  When it’s safe, slowly reverse while keeping an eye on the area behind you.  Keep looking in the direction you want to go, checking occasionally in other directions.  Upon entering the driveway, straighten the wheels and come to a stop.

car leaving a driveway turning left- 2 point turn

Step 3

Check for traffic, signal for a left turn, check traffic again, and smoothly turn left onto the road,

car driving on the right side of the road- two point turn

Ensuring you stay in the correct lane postion.  That’s it- you have completed a two-point turn.