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We have designed our packages to cater to kinds of people. The driving lessons at Sky Driving are smartly planned to impart the best driving skills and knowledge to new as well as experienced drivers. We offer various packages for individual and professional driving lessons. Our goal is to provide the best possible driving training programs in Victoria, BC, and cover every aspect of driving through comprehensive lessons included in different packages.

Serving Victoria, Saanich, View Royal, Royal Oak, Oak Bay, Gordon Head & Esquimalt.  

*For lessons in Langford and  Saanichton add $30 (+GST) to each lesson.

*If you wish to cancel or reschedule a driving lesson, for any reason, 48 hour notice is mandatory. If less than 48 hours notice, a $50 fee will be required.


Sky Driving school LTD policy

As a Student driver of Sky Driving School, I have read and agree to the following terms

1. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to undertake the driving lessons, and that my present driver’s license is valid for driving in BC, Canada for the duration of my driving lessons.
2. Sky Driving School is providing the service of driving lessons under the BC Laws and with professionally qualified driving instructors. These services provided by Sky Driving School do not include the Road Tests that I shall be undertaking at any stage of these trainings.
3. I declare that I hold harmless Sky Driving School, its directors, shareholders, their heirs, employees, and contractors of and from all claims, demand, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or relating to any disputes arising out of any lawfully provided services.


–  Class 5/7 Automatic,  pay per lesson 1 hour practical  $89 (+GST) 

–  Class 5/7 Automatic,  pay per lesson 90 minutes  practical $119 (+GST)

–  Class 5/7 Automatic, 2 x 90 minutes  practical $237 (+GST)

–  Class 5/7 Automatic, 5 x 90 minutes  practical $590 (+GST)

–  Class 5/7 Automatic, 10 x 90 minutes  practical $1180 (+GST)

–  Class 5/7 Automatic, Car for the road test, and warm-up,  2 hours total. $185 (+GST)

–  Class 4 (Restricted)Automatic, On-road practice and pre-trip inspection, 90 minutes total $130 (+GST)

–  Class 4 (Restricted) Automatic, Car for the road test, and warm-up, and pre-trip inspection,  2.5 hours total $210 (+GST)

–  For car rental only $130 (+GST) We will meet you at ICBC Driver Licensing 1150 McKenzie Ave.  No pick-up or drop-off.   *Must take a prior lessons before being able to book Sky Driving School LTD. Car for the road test.

–  For lessons in Langford and  Saanichton add $30 (+GST) to each lesson.

* ICBC Road test and licensing fees are not included.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


If you wish to cancel a driving lesson or reschedule,  we require 48 hours’ notice, otherwise, a cancellation fee of $50  will be assessed.
Note: For canceling a road test appointment made by Sky Driving School LTD,  We require 72 hours of notice, as we must notify ICBC.  Failure to give Sky Driving School LTD  sufficient notice may result in the student’s additional $25  road test cancellation fee to ICBC.


If you are within 10 minutes late, you will receive the balance of your scheduled lesson and charge for the full lesson. If you are late beyond 10 Minutes, the instructor will leave and you will be considered as a NO SHOW lesson (no refund or reschedule for that lesson).


–  There will be no refund for driving lessons or road test sessions that have taken place.

–  Refunds will be paid for the unused lesson(s) provided notice is received by the Sky Driving School LTD, 48 Hours prior to the scheduled lesson(s). The cancellation fee will apply to refunds requested within 48 hours of a scheduled lesson.

–  Processing fees of $25 will be applied to any refund.

Requirements and procedures:

1.  Student must provide a valid BC Learner’s Drivers License or Driving licence before any lesson. Students must carry their licence at all times during training.

2.  All students have to be registered and paid in advance and no later than the first lesson.

3.  Sky Driving School LTD, may cancel your scheduled appointment for any unforeseen circumstances. For example, instructor being sick, car breaking down, or poor road conditions. Students will be notified as soon as possible. The lesson will be rescheduled.

4. All lessons will be individual, one-on-one unless both the instructor and student agree to additional persons being in the car, and their reason for being there.  There will be a maximum of 3 people (1 observing) in the Sky driving school ltd vehicle during the student’s lesson time.

5.  Sky Driving School LTD can cancel your lesson with NO refunds if the student is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or using foul, abusive, or aggressive language.

6.  Each driving lesson is scheduled for 90 minutes, with 80 minutes dedicated to actual practice driving time and an additional 10 minutes reserved for feedback. 

-Each driving lesson is scheduled for 60 minutes, with 50 minutes dedicated to actual practice driving time and an additional 10 minutes reserved for feedback.

7.  For a driving lesson, it’s important to prioritize your comfort and safety. Please wear suitable footwear and clothing that won’t restrict your movement or be considered inappropriate.

– This session will be monitored and recorded to ensure the safety of both the student and instructor, serving liability and insurance purposes.


In an effort to keep both students and instructors healthy during the global pandemic, Sky driving school ltd has instituted the following health and safety protocols. Sky Driving School Ltd will ensure that all touch surfaces have been disinfected before and after each student.

Use of hand sanitizer prior to the lesson will be requested and will be made available by the school. Students and instructors must wear a mask or face covering (clear shields, scarfs, or bandanas are acceptable) at all times during the lesson.  Gloves are not required by Sky driving school ltd. However if a student chooses to wear disposable gloves, they must put on a clean, fresh pair of gloves at the start of the lesson. Non-disposable gloves are not acceptable at this time.

As part of the regular lesson pre-trip inspection, the instructor will meet the student outside of the vehicle and all students will be asked a series of standard health questions and may be required to have their temperature checked. The instructor reserves the right and discretion to cancel a lesson for any health or suspected health reason or concern (in accordance to the existing no-show /sickness policy outlined in this document).

In the case of possible community exposure events or recently reported local outbreaks, Sky driving school ltd may cancel (postpone) lessons at short notice until it is safe to resume at a later date. If a student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, is suspected of having contracted it, or has been ordered to self-isolate or quarantine by a public health official or care provider, they must inform the school as soon as possible in order for the school to assess and minimize the risk of transmitting the illness to other students or instructors.

If in spite of the precautions, care, and measures taken by Sky driving school ltd described above, a student contracts COVID-19, they agree not to hold Sky driving school ltd or its instructors liable in any way for any damages, health complications, medical treatments, or death of the student or their family or friends and agree not to seek monetary damages, compensation, or payment outside the standard refund/cancellation policy outlined herein.


 – Hand Hygiene

 – When and how to Wear a Face Mask

 – Environmental Cleaning and Disinfectant

Self-Screening Checklist


Sky Driving School

Sky Driving School is the best driving school in Victoria, BC. Our thoroughly professional instructor is available to teach the best driving practices to the future generation of drivers.  Safe and defensive driving habits are emphasized throughout the driving training of the students.

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