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Driving Lessons Victoria BC

Sky Driving School is the best driving school in Victoria, BC. Our thoroughly professional instructors is available to teach the best driving practices to the future generation of drivers.

Safe and defensive driving habits are emphasized throughout the driving training of the students.

The driving lessons are planned with the help of internal and external experts to make them engaging. These lessons aim at producing the best, safe, and confident drivers.

We can teach people about various driving skills, so if you are already a driver but wants to improve your driving skills and build confidence, we are here to help you out.

If you know nothing about driving and wish to start from scratch, Sky Driving School’s exceptional driving programs can fulfill your dream of becoming a safe and poised driver.

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1 on 1 Training

Our qualified instructors provides high-quality driving lessons to amateurs as well as experienced drivers. We aim to teach all kinds of students from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that they learn the essential skills and attitudes required to become excellent defensive drivers.

At Sky Driving School, our instructors are trained to teach the students politely and professionally that can make the driving lessons efficient and appealing to the students. Every nuance of driving is covered in the driving training to prepare our students for different kinds of road situations in real life.

Best driving school in Victoria, BC

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Defensive Driving

There is a lot of uncertainty associated with driving. Many missteps and unfortunate circumstances can lead to road accidents. Your driving prowess is well under your control, but the way somebody else drives is not. Careless, reckless, and aggressive driving can lead to severe mishaps. In addition to becoming an excellent driver, we help you master the defense driving strategies so you can avoid road accidents that happen due to the mistake of other drivers.
In our defensive driving lessons, we focus on the following lessons:


Equipping you with skills to anticipate the next move of the other drivers on the road, so you adjust your vehicle to avoid any mishap.


Controlling speed appropriately according to the road conditions and driving of other people.


Coping up with the traffic stress to make sure your driving skills and safety are not adversely impacted by severe anxiety.


Providing important tips and techniques to analyze the traffic situations and types of driving by other people to adapt your driving style according to the circumstance.


Ignoring distractions.

Sumit Hardu
Hashim was very friendly, professional and his training methods were very efficient and effective. He made sure that I was aware about each rule and regulation by making sure I am following them during practice sessions. I am thankful to him for training me to drive safe and with confidence which helped me to crack the roadtest. His tips and tricks as an experienced instructor were very helpful. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.
Sanamdeep Singh
Great experience. The instructor is so good. I Came from surrey to Victoria for road test and he gave me a quick lesson and got familiar with the area. So humble and nice.
abdelaziz bounkert
Fantastic driving school, My lessons Hashim were super amazing. He is very patient, professional and very knowledgeable. Helped me understand and learn the skills I needed. Also very cheaper driving lessons. Thank you
Kayla Burwash
Hashim is a great driving instructor. He is kind, patient and does a great job explaining things so that they make sense. I was finding myself to be a bit of a nervous driver but after my lessons with Hashim I feel a lot more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I also felt that he did a great job of keeping things light and fun. He made sure to cover things that he and I both felt that I needed to work on so that I could get the most out of my lessons. I highly recommend booking lessons through Sky Driving School.
Hashim was a great driving instructor for my daughter. He was able to be booked quickly and fast communication. Helped my daughter pass her road test !
Virt Nelson
Thanks google you found this driving school.The instructor is very patience, polite and honest to his profession. He gave me useful driving hints that I can say those tips are great for life as long as you are on the road as a driver.Price is fair according to the driving school.This driving school is prospective and professional and reliable. I recommend this school for all leaning driver. Thank you so much Sky driving school giving me driving lessons in friendly atmosphere.
surinder leel
I really recommend this driving school. The instructor is very kind and Patient, give me relevant advice & was very helpful. I am glad to decide to get lessons from skydiving school. Price for lesson unbeatable. I really recommend you should try very cheap price
Mohammed Ahmed
These guys are one of the best guys I have drive with in my live, when I start with these guys I had no idea how to drive but after Just 3 driving lesson I was good to drive on the road and after just 7 driving lesson I was good to drive one the highway, so I really recommend this guys.

Sky Driving School

Sky Driving School is the best driving school in Victoria, BC. Our thoroughly professional instructor is available to teach the best driving practices to the future generation of drivers.  Safe and defensive driving habits are emphasized throughout the driving training of the students.

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